Logan Paul, the brother of Jake Paul, presented a car to his assistant!
© Instagram / Logan Paul

Logan Paul, the brother of Jake Paul, presented a car to his assistant!

By: Linda Davis
2020-04-26 16:11:51

Logan Paul is a well-known YouTuber and fighter who fought another YouTuber KSI in an amateur match in 2018. His brother, Jake Paul, has become a professional actor but sometimes participates in amateur fights too. Logan Paul's net worth is $19 million as of 2020.

The star has had many girlfriends and the last one was model Josie Canseco. However, the couple stopped dating in the end of February. Despite his friendship with porn-actress Lana Rhoades, he has never dated her. Paul claims to be red-green colorblind, but many people don't believe this accusing him of faking his reactions in one of his YouTube videos. In 2018, Logan shared the video with a dead body in Aokigahara, the forest of suicides in Japan.

Logan Paul
© Instagram / Logan Paul

The YouTuber experienced many negative reactions from those who saw the dead body video, so that he had to apologize. However, his latest post on Instagram truly deserves respect. In the photo, Logan Paul is depicted with his assistant, Dani Strobel, whom he presented a 2020 Jeep Grand Cherokee.

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Logan Paul appreciates everything this girl does for their Team Maverick. She has been assisting his «tomfoolery» for two years and he decided to buy her her favorite vehicle.

Don't take the photo seriously because Paul has never been on Dani's back. That's just metaphorical portrayal of how much she helps him.