Logan Paul exploits his friend, dwarf Mamba. The photo is applied
© Instagram / Logan Paul

Logan Paul exploits his friend, dwarf Mamba. The photo is applied

By: Linda Davis
2020-04-28 23:26:29

Logan Paul is not just a funny YouTuber but he is also known to be a fighter who won an amateur match against KSI two years ago. Jake Paul, his younger brother, is sometimes involved in boxing too but he's mainly into actor activity now. Logan Paul can currently boast the net worth of $19 million.

In some of his videos, Logan Paul shows porn-actress Lana Rhoades; however, they claim to be just friends. At present, Logan has no girlfriend. His 2018 video of the suicide forest Aokigahara in Japan had a negative impact on his business. People did not like that he showed a body of a person who'd committed suicide. That looked cruel.

Logan Paul
© Instagram / Logan Paul

Logan Paul's fans have recently shared a cute but somewhat severe photo of the YouTuber on Instagram. It depicts the famous star sitting on the shoulders of a short man. That's actually his friend, dwarf Mamba. Nevertheless, many people feel sorry for that short guy. Logan Paul is much taller and heavier than his friend!

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Logan Paul's fans love his dog, King Broley Blue, who is looking the other way. That's husky with deep blue eyes. That day, Logan Paul had so much fun with his friends in his house! You can see some videos on his Instagram page.