Louis CK, the stand up comedian from SNL, started talking to God
© Instagram / Louis CK

Louis CK, the stand up comedian from SNL, started talking to God

By: Linda Davis
2020-05-02 23:56:16

Louis CK is known to be not only a famous American standup comedian but also a talented actor. He played Dave Sanderson in the 2009 comedy series «Parks and Recreation» and hosted the Saturday Night Live show in cooperation with another well-known stand up comedian, Pete Davidson. His relationship with the latter wishes much to be desired, though.

Everyone who knows who Louis CK is is certainly aware of his sexuality. In one of his fresh specials, he confessed that he loves masturbating and finds nothing weird about it. Nevertheless, not all people appreciate this habit of Louis CK's. Some women accused him of jerking off just in front of them. Even his ex-girlfriend, the star of the 2016 television series «Better Things», Fiona Apple, accused him of sexual misconduct.

Louis CK
© Instagram / Louis CK

Louis CK is a lucky namesake of Louis Vuitton, the founder of many brand stores. In his recent special, the stand-up comedian depicts the dialogue between the man and God. He says God has given everything to the man for easy living, but the man tries to find problems and make his life harder.

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In reality, this special by Louis CK is very wise. Everyone should think about the real sense of happiness. If we trust God, the life will be much easier.