Luke Perry appeared in a cameo on the TV series "Riverdale" 2 years after his death
© Instagram / Luke Perry

Luke Perry appeared in a cameo on the TV series "Riverdale" 2 years after his death

By: Linda Davis
2021-02-11 20:51:45

Fans were stunned to see Luke Perry appear on the «Riverdale» prom, which aired on February 3, just weeks before the actor's two-year death anniversary.

Riverdale's graduation episode took on an emotional twist when Luke Perry's character Fred Andrews made a surprise cameo appearance on February 3. Luke passed away in 2019, as did his character on the show shortly thereafter. The CW shows paid special tribute by using Luke's old footage in the dream scene at the beginning of the episode.

In this scene, Fred Archie's son (played by KJ APA) dreamed that his late father and mother Mary (played by Molly Ringwald) were photographed on graduation day. As Fred held his cell phone to take pictures of Archie and his friends Veronica (played by Camila Mendes), Jughead (played by Cole Sprouse) and Betty (played by Lili Reinhart), Fred uttered these stunning words: «I can't believe we're here. Archie, you're finishing your studies. I didn't think I would live to see this day. «

Luke Perry
© Instagram / Luke Perry

This dream scene was actually borrowed from the season 2 premiere episode of Kiss Before Death, which aired in 2017. The dream played out after Fred was shot by the Black Hood. Although Archie's father survived the ordeal, the Riverdale writers were unfortunately forced to force Fred to die in an accident in the season 4 premiere, which aired seven months after Luke's death. In Riverdale, the characters even held an emotional funeral for Fred in a special tribute episode.

The dream scene wasn't the only reference to Fred in the prom, which aired on Wednesday night; Archie and Mary mourned the fact that Fred had missed his son's real prom. However, fans weren't ready for Fred's return to the show and took to Twitter to share their bitter yet joyful reaction.

«I didn't think I was going to get emotional about this episode, but then Luke Perry appeared on my screen and now I'm crying,» one fan wrote, and another wrote, «#Riverdale gutted me. I will never stop losing Luke Perry. Seeing Fred's face on the screen when Arch was bored and remembered his father? It hits much harder, for which I was ill prepared. I sobbed for 10 minutes. «