Madison Beer: “It's a cruel world”. Why does the young actress think so?
© Instagram / Madison Beer

Madison Beer: “It's a cruel world”. Why does the young actress think so?

By: Margaret Wilson
2020-05-26 17:27:43

Madison Beer has declared on her Instagram page that she considers this world cruel. That's a loud declaration of a person who is just 21 years of age! Let's try to find out What the matter is!

As you look at Madison Beer the first thought that comes to your mind is – Wow, what a beautiful lady! Believe it or not but this lady is plastic. Despite her young age, she has already undergone plastic surgery of some parts of her body including her face. Madison also uses botox procedures regularly.

These days, Madison Beer has shared a message: «It's a cruel world». In a few photos she demonstrates her perfect shape, in one video she shows her ideal lips and nose and in the last photo there is a traffic sign with the statement: «What you tolerate you're teaching them how to treat you». Probably, this is what Madison considers cruel about this world. According to her readers, it's a very cruel world indeed. But we must have enough courage to find the light.

Madison Beer seems to be the happiest girl in this world but it is not really so. She is not satisfied with her appearance, since she tries to change it all the time. Nevertheless, her fans consider her to be a pretty angel. Recently, the singer has made a room tour.