Madonna admitted she was a masochist
© Instagram / Madonna

Madonna admitted she was a masochist

By: Margaret Wilson
2020-03-07 22:57:53

The 61-year-old singer started counting days until the end of her tour «Madame X.» She definitely got tired and even called herself a masochist.

During the «Madame X» tour, the American singer Madonna canceled concerts in London and Paris several times due to poor health.

© Instagram / Madonna

The celeb even took to Instagram to admit that she counted the days until the end of her «Madame X» tour. In particular, she noted she was a masochist and there were four concerts left. Let's mention, the post was done on March 6.

On March 2, the singer said that during one of the performances someone pulled a chair out from under her and she fell and painfully hit her tailbone. The injury caused the cancellation of several concerts of the singer, which took place in the Paris cinema «Grand Rex».

During the February tour in London, Madonna also canceled concerts several times due to an old knee injury and delayed the performance several times. The singer moved around the city with a cane.

What do you think about this? Would you like Madonna to give her concerts no matter what? We are sure the singer is wrong because everyone should always have some rest.