Terrible grief touched Madonna as her beloved died
© Instagram / Madonna

Terrible grief touched Madonna as her beloved died

By: Margaret Wilson
2020-04-14 15:26:17

The epidemic of the Chinese virus did not pass popular singer Madonna. The 61-year-old star has left all the work on her album to tell about this!

The celeb took to Instagram to explain the tragedy the pandemic had brought to her. And this really is shocking!

© Instagram / Madonna

According to Madonna, the dangerous Chinese virus took the lives of her close people and three of them died immediately in just one day.

Madonna frankly said that her cousin, brother of the bodyguard and stage colleague Orlando Puerto, who remixed her famous compositions, died on April 9th.

As the celeb said, not every day in life was good and she had failed to sleep last night for a minute, so she was completely broken. It really seems that the singer was affected by the news very much as she revealed her low spirits and as you know, that was quite rare for her to do this!

But her followers didn't feel pity for Madonna. Instead, they criticized her post very much saying the star should donate money to fight against COVID-19, buy better glasses or simply stay calm.

How about you? Has the pandemic influenced you or your family?