Mandy Moore has started the initiative to support black people
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Mandy Moore has started the initiative to support black people

By: Linda Davis
2020-06-11 16:28:08

Mandy Moore has announced that she's got a new partner, Jovian Zayne, a black woman whose goal in life is to help others. Let's find out Mandy's part in the initiative.

Mandy Moore is known for her role of Rebecca Pearson in the comedy-drama series «This Is Us» (2016–present). She also voiced Princess Rapunzel in the beloved animated fantasy musical comedy movie «Tangled» (2010) and the series «Tangled: The Series» (2017–2020). Mandy Moore has had a friendly relationship with Tommy Davidson, a well-known comedian and actor from the comedy TV show «In Living Color».

Mandy Moore informs on her Instagram page that she's got a new friend, Jovian Zayne, and she's everything. She's an international speaker, a mother and a sister. Moore is honored to be a part of an initiative called «Share The Mic Now», which intends to fill social media with the voices of black women. According to the initiative, 50 black women will take over the Instagram platforms of 50 white women to tell others about their work and life. «Share The Mic Now» won't stop racism but it will open up worthy black leaders.

Mandy Moore wonders on her Twitter page, «How has no one been held accountable for the murder of Breonna Taylor. She's sure her family deserves answers and Breonna deserves justice. Moore demands arresting and charging the officers responsible for her death.