“Old slutty girl,” Margot Robbie became the ugliest celeb
© Instagram / Margot Robbie

“Old slutty girl,” Margot Robbie became the ugliest celeb

By: Margaret Wilson
2020-04-17 15:25:05

Australian beauty Margot Robbie is world famous not only for her beauty and acting talent, but also for a special sense of style that not everyone likes. Fashionable looks of the actress from «Harley Quinn» and «The Wolf of Wall Street» often become a subject of criticism, however, she never allows haters to confuse themselves.

Recently, the outfits of the star from «Once Upon a Time... in Hollywood» became a topic of discussions again – and this time there were some suggestions from stylist Elliot Garnaut.

Margot Robbie
© Instagram / Margot Robbie

Elliot took part in the show «The Lady Bunch» and after some hesitation honestly answered the question of one of the viewers: whom does he consider the most poorly dressed celebrity.

He said it's Margot Robbie. According to him the actress' stylist literally tortured the celeb and as a result Margo looked like an old slutty girl.

In response to the remark that Robbie was the face of «Chanel», he noted that someone at the «fashion house» clearly hated the actress. He admitted that she had the entire variety of outfits at her disposal, but she went out in some dusty rags.

So far, Margot Robbie has not commented on the harsh statements of the stylist, who, by the way, is her compatriot. Do you agree with Garnaut?