Mariah Carey failed to hide cellulite: it appeared in the most unexpected place!
© Instagram / Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey failed to hide cellulite: it appeared in the most unexpected place!

By: Margaret Wilson
2020-04-25 15:13:19

The 50-year-old famous performer of «Hero» and «Obsessed» tried to hide her cellulite under tight tights, but failed. Well, problems sometimes repeat – just like in the case when Eminem argued with Carey's ex-husband Nick Cannon in his third album.

This star constantly has to deal with the problems of excess weight. The problem is in her genetics and metabolism, which is almost impossible to overcome and most people simply accept that they cannot have a slim figure.

Mariah Carey
© Instagram / Mariah Carey

However, Mariah Carey is not one of those who can humbly look at her pounds. The singer has been losing weight during her life. She gains weight and then loses it. This is not about a couple of kilos, but about dozens kilos of excess fat.

Not so long ago, the star turned to doctors to reduce the volume of her stomach. She did this so that the body needed less food and she could not overeat. Many fans noticed that the figure of the singer has changed significantly in a positive way. She got waist and neat shapes.

However, it is no secret that the woman uses Photoshop before posting a photo on Instagram. She actively hides cellulite on her legs with a graphic editor. The fact is that not so long ago the paparazzi accidentally found a girl leaving the restaurant. She put on very tight black tights to hide problems on her legs, but the camera «revealed» everything she was hiding.

Due to a well-chosen look, the celeb looked very fit, although cellulite gave itself away. It seems the singer should not choose mini dresses in order not to show her main problem once again.