Mark Hamill, the “Avatar” star, defends people with dark skin!
© Instagram / Mark Hamill

Mark Hamill, the “Avatar” star, defends people with dark skin!

By: Margaret Wilson
2020-05-28 15:12:45

Mark Hamill is more than just a talented actor, he is a person with a big heart, which can be seen from his position in terms of George Floyd's case.

Mark Hamill is known for his voice acting. He voiced Firelord Ozai in «Avatar: The Last Airbender». Before that, he voiced Corey Anders on the cartoon «Jeannie». Then he was the voice of Joker, after which Mark received such great success that he was invited to portray many other characters in movies, television, video games, and anime. Other characters that Hamill voiced include Gargoyle in «The Incredible Hulk», The Hobgoblin in «Spider-Man animated series, Maximus in «Fantastic Four», and others.

These days, Mark Hamill revealed his position concerning what is going on in the country after George Floyd was killed by the police. Protests have broken out in Los Angeles and Minneapolis. Police officers involved in Floyd's death should be in jail! Hamill's followers on Instagram thank him for using his voice and for being a real one. People are sure they need to fight against this behavior.

Yesterday, Mark Hamill celebrated the anniversary of the opening of Walt Disney's Silly Symphony «The Three Little Pigs». It took place on May 27th, 1933. This cartoon featured the song «Who's Afraid Of The Big Bad Wolf?» that won an Academy Award For Best Animated Short in 1934.