Matt Damon was “adopted” by an Irish village and became a meme!
© Instagram / Matt Damon

Matt Damon was “adopted” by an Irish village and became a meme!

By: Margaret Wilson
2020-05-03 12:13:26

The 49-year-old co-star of Minnie Driver from «Good Will Hunting» and the best friend of Ben Affleck Matt Damon decided to wait out the COVID-19 pandemic in an Irish town on the seashore, but the country look of the celeb became the reason for jokes and memes. The popular movie actor literally became a local hero and practically an Irishman.

Like many other people the American actor Matt Damon self-isolated during the spread of COVID-19 infection. For quarantine shelter, the star of «The Martian» and «Contagion» chose Deilginis, one of the small resort towns southeast of Dublin in Ireland.

Locals gladly greeted the celeb, but tried not to bother with asking for an autograph or a joint photo. Just some simple watching Matt Damon made the everyday life of the town brighter. And, it seems, the actor himself got used to the role of a country boy and practically became a real Irishman.

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In addition, one of the shots of the daily quarantine routine of Matt Damon became so popular that he turned into a meme. It is not known exactly when and by whom the picture was taken, but the fact is that he has cheered up many netizens.

Damon's photo in a tracksuit and a bag in his hands made great fun and people liked Matt Damon's country style so very much! How about you?