What's wrong with Megan Fox? She looks like Asian lady!
© Instagram / Megan Fox

What's wrong with Megan Fox? She looks like Asian lady!

By: Margaret Wilson
2020-03-03 21:37:20

Transformers' star Megan Fox became similar to Asians because of her changed appearance. Let's discover the details together!

American actress Megan Fox has recently become the subject of lively discussion among her fans and followers.

Megan Fox
© Instagram / Megan Fox

The Hollywood star simply revealed several fresh portrait photos on social networks after a long break. And the snaps look incredible!

Fans were surprised by the appearance of the 33-year-old actress - she did not look as usual.

Her eyes became noticeably narrower – we can even say that her eyes became similar to Asian ones.

In addition, her skin was perfectly smooth, but her face looked like it was swollen.

It's just naturally that her followers immediately suggested that Megan became too crazy about botox or fillers, especially since she previously asked for the services of plastic surgeons to improve her appearance.

The photos caused a storm of negative comments, as the followers believe that the actress looked fresh and young without any injections. Do you think the same?