Did you know these 5 dirty facts about Megan Fox ? Find them out!
© Instagram / Megan Fox

Did you know these 5 dirty facts about Megan Fox ? Find them out!

By: Margaret Wilson
2020-05-02 13:28:44

Despite the perfect appearance, beautiful celebrity Megan Fox gained no ideal habits and some facts from her private life hardly corresponded to her chic appearance. Perhaps, Brian Austin Green was right when he decided to break up with the stars from «Transformers» and «New Girl.»

Let's see… For example, such an important component of human life as hygiene is an absolutely silly thing for Megan. As Fox admitted, she considered herself a messy and filthy woman.

Megan Fox
© Instagram / Megan Fox

Secondly, the celeb is so lazy that she throws her things on the floor and never picks them up. Her husband or housekeepers have to do this for Megan.

There also has been an opinion that Megan doesn't like paparazzi and tries to avoid them in every possible way. One day Megan had dinner with her husband in one of restaurants and her fans tried to say hello to her. Fox could not stand this and screamed at them with unpleasant words. Then the actress threw things on the floor and left the restaurant.

According to Megan Fox's husband, he sometimes has to calm his children down, because Megan scares them with her behavior.

Moreover, being a girl, Megan decided to go to the cosmetics store and put the goods directly in her bag. The girl was declassified thanks to surveillance cameras and she was not allowed to commit theft. However, commenting on this incident, Megan admitted that she felt pity not for the robbery itself, but for the fact that she had been caught so stupidly!

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