Netizens became angry at Megan Fox in the trailer for “Think Like a Dog”: here's why!
© Instagram / Megan Fox

Netizens became angry at Megan Fox in the trailer for “Think Like a Dog”: here's why!

By: Margaret Wilson
2020-05-07 16:28:12

The 33-year-old celebrity from «Transformers» and «New Girl» has made her fans extremely angry – this time, this happened due to a new movie!

As you know, Megan Fox who has become a decent mother of many children, smoothly switched from somewhat special movies (but not the ones you have just thought about) to the family ones…

Megan Fox
© Instagram / Megan Fox

And oh, forgive us, God, there we also can see Josh Duhamel who got the role of a happy spouse, as well as Kunal Neyer who had to earn a living after the end of the «Big Bang Theory» story. The original movie «Think Like a Dog» belongs to «Lionsgate» and screenwriter Jill Janger («10 Things I Hate About You).

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The plot will be focused on a 12-year-old boy (the son of Megan Fox and Duhamel), who accidentally created a device that allowed him to read the thoughts of his favorite dog. This thing, as we understand it, was extremely valuable, and therefore the boy was immediately kidnapped in order to take possession of the product of his inventive thought.

Gabriel Bateman, Janet Montgomery, Julia Jones and Brian Collen also starred in the comedy. It will be released in a digital format from June 9, the movie will be available even on Blu-ray.

At the same time, fans were extremely disappointed with the movie saying that Megan looked scary and her best times are over. What is your opinion on the story?