Will return to the family alone: ​​Prince Harry and Meghan Markle predicted an imminent divorce
© Instagram / Meghan Markle

Will return to the family alone: ​​Prince Harry and Meghan Markle predicted an imminent divorce

By: Margaret Wilson
2021-01-27 17:48:46

A poll among the British showed that the marriage between the prince and the actress will not last long.

A year ago, Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle announced their plans to leave the UK and go to live and work in the United States. Their decision was controversial in the conservative British society.

Meghan Markle
© Instagram / Meghan Markle

It is difficult to determine exactly whether Harry and Meghan did the right thing. But one thing is clear - the prince found himself in a completely alien atmosphere for himself, and the public noticed that it was difficult for him to adjust.

The Express edition conducted a survey among its readers, where it was necessary to decide whether the prince and the actress would return to the UK. Half of the respondents believe that Harry will return to the royal family alone, without a wife.

However, a third of Britons are confident in a strong family of prodigal dukes and believe that the couple will not leave America. At the same time, less than one percent of respondents answered that Megan would sooner or later want to return to her husband's homeland.

In the comments, Internet users noted that this family is destined to fall apart. Another part of the readers is sure that Markle would return if she had been promised the queen's place, Express reports.

Recently, fans of the royal families drew attention to the fact that Prince Harry himself contributed to the fact that Megan had a problem with his relatives. Harry said that the royals will become for Meghan «a family that she never had.»

Experts considered this statement reckless, and fans of Markle's creativity decided that Harry had insulted the actress's family in this way.