Melania Trump talks to kids on Christmas
© Instagram / Melania Trump

Melania Trump talks to kids on Christmas

By: Margaret Wilson
2019-12-28 02:51:36

49-year-old FLOTUS have just shared a photo from the annual mission which is very important for every kid in the US.

We mean NORAD which tracks Santa’s moves around the world on Christmas days.

As we can see from the photo on Instagram, Melania is sitting in front of an awesomely decorated Christmas tree on a luxury golden armchair holding a phone receiver with a shiny smile on her face. The first lady is wearing glittering green dress and her shoes with incredibly thin and high heels definitely can make everyone’s head spin.

According to Melania’s caption to the photo, delivering presents to kids is hard work for Santa and the tradition to track the kind magician’s moves is wonderful. And her numerous followers completely agree, noting Mrs Trump looks «amazing» and «gorgeous.»