Metallica 's album “Load”: why were not all fans satisfied with its songs?
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Metallica 's album “Load”: why were not all fans satisfied with its songs?

By: Margaret Wilson
2020-05-23 19:21:14

The record was created for nine months and the long-awaited album went on sale in 1996, but gar not all fans liked it – what's wrong with the initiators of «ONE?»

On June 4 it will be exactly 24 years from the moment the most grunge and experimental Metallica's album «Load» went on sale.

At the same time, there's a week and a half left of Mandatory Metallica «virtual Metallica tour,» airing a daily concert from past shows around the globe.

Anyway, fans were looking forward to the album that the rockers started recording in the spring of 1995. The full work on the album was completed nine months later - in February 1996. Fans of the group joked that the musicians practically literally hatched the record as a child, but not everyone liked the result of the «birth». Sales also proved that as the album was bought much worse than other albums.

After the release of the album of the same name «Metallica» in 1991, fans expected something super «pop» from the group, but the idols put them before the fact that they were changing their direction.

The fans didn't like this statement at all. They even stated that they were ready to forgive the release of the new album, if only the group did not change their usual direction. Due to the «Load» the musicians were heavily criticized. But the track «Ronnie» still got attention. According to fans, in this composition, the musicians managed to combine their usual metal and blues.

The cover for the album was created by Andresen Serran, known for his scandalous works in which the artist used even human feces. That time he mixed his own sperm and bovine blood, put the substance between the sheets of plexiglass and captured this all.

Do you like «Load?» Do you know the story of its creation?