Miley Cyrus' father prepared a surprise for fans
© Instagram / Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus' father prepared a surprise for fans

By: Margaret Wilson
2020-03-01 15:01:19

Hannah Montana's fans got a great reason to celebrate: in a recent interview, Miley Cyrus' dad confirmed that show runners began developing the prequel of the story nine years after the original Disney's series.

Billy Ray admitted the decision was important for him, because he would be able to wear his awesome mallet again. Cyrus also added he was sure there had been a whole story that made Miley become Hannah Montana. Isn't it great? We are sure there will be a lot of interesting things!

Miley Cyrus
© Instagram / Miley Cyrus

The «Hannah Montana» series were started on Disney in 2006. There, a young girl who moved to Malibu became the center of the plot. As it turned out, an ordinary schoolgirl hid a secret: she became Hannah Montana.

In the original series, Billy Ray's character, Robbie Ray, was a rock star, but he had to give up his career. It is possible the prequel will reveal the rocking days of Robbie Ray, although no details have been reported.

By the way, Cyrus himself said that he initially did not want to be Hannah Montana's father, since he was not an actor. Billy Ray was afraid to spoil the show with an awkward acting.

Are you waiting for anything new from Hannah Montana?