Miranda Lambert celebrated nine year-anniversary of her music band
© Instagram / Miranda Lambert

Miranda Lambert celebrated nine year-anniversary of her music band

By: Linda Davis
2020-04-26 20:31:07

Miranda Lambert was married to singer Blake Shelton for four years. Now her ex-husband is dating Gwen Stefani. She is known to be a country singer whose collaboration with singer Carrie Underwood gave birth to the song «Somethin' Bad» in 2014. The official music video to this song can be seen on YouTube.

Another popular trek by Miranda Lambert is called «Tin Man». It was released in 2016. Many fans of the singer learn the lyrics and chords of this song to be able to perform it on their own. At the age of 36, the singer's net worth is estimated as $45 million.

Miranda Lambert
© Instagram / Miranda Lambert

Miranda Lambert's fans have recently shared a photograph of the singer with two of her friends. She is depicted with Ashley Monroe and Angaleena Presley in it. The women look nice together. Their band is called «Pistol Annies» and it was founded in 2011.

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This month, Miranda Lambert and the two other singers from «Pistol Annies» celebrated nine years of their band. Their latest album «Interstate Gospel» was released in 2018.