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Noah Centineo! What is he like in real life?
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Noah Centineo! What is he like in real life?

News author: Margaret Wilson
2020-03-17 18:06:32

The popular American actor and Alexis Ren's boyfriend Noah Centineo has been breaking the hearts of girls around the world for several years. What's the secret of success of the star from «To All the Boys?»

The fact is that at the moment 23-year-old Noah is the most popular romantic actor. Movie makers trust only him when it goes about playing some tender and teenage love now. Why? Yes, because he knows how to magically mix humor with love, creating unusual acting.

But girls, do not forget that in addition to the «movie Noah», there is the real one. By the way, in life the young man doesn't always look like a boy with a beautiful smile and incredible charm. For example, Centineo often posts photos with bristles, a weary face and absurd hairstyle.

Here, for example Noah Centineo admitted he felt nostalgic. What a cutie!

However, we are sure that many people liked such Noah too. After all, this is life, which means that sometimes you can let yourself relax and appear in public in your own comfortable way.