Did Noah Centineo break up with Alexis Ren? Fans revealed stunning verdict
© Instagram / Noah Centineo

Did Noah Centineo break up with Alexis Ren? Fans revealed stunning verdict

By: Margaret Wilson
2020-03-26 20:39:20

One of the hottest actors, known to us for the role of a sweet romantic guy in the movie «To All the Boys I've Loved Before,» seems to have joined the ranks of bachelors again. Fans of the star are sure that Noah Centineo and his beloved model Alexis Ren are no longer together - and there are serious reasons for their fears.

The couple unsubscribed from each other on personal pages on Instagram. Fans are worried and are waiting for an explanation, because in addition to this, Centineo deleted a joint photo with Ren from his feed.

Noah Centineo
© Instagram / Noah Centineo

Has Noah's angel left her pedestal? We are waiting for further development and we hope that everything will be okay in the life of our favorite Peter Kavinski.

Let's remember that the world learned about the relationship between Noah and Alexis in September 2019, when they appeared together on the red carpet of the UNICEF masquerade ball. Centineo later publicly declared his love to Ren, calling the girl «the angel of his life.» The American model revealed the same feeling when talking about the Netflix star in an interview.

According to Ren, he was awesome and his heart was really so sincere. Moreover, Noah seemed to her to be a very good person and moron in real life.

The couple decided to take a serious step when Noah Centineo met the Alexis family. Has the fabulous relationship come to an end?