The star of “Walking Dead” Norman Reedus charmed the Net with his baby
© Instagram / Norman Reedus

The star of “Walking Dead” Norman Reedus charmed the Net with his baby

By: Margaret Wilson
2020-05-18 16:59:45

The incredible actor who gave life to Daryl Dixon in the amazing series went on showing the freshest videos with her daughter from Diane Kruger – go on reading to know the most outrageous news about Norman Reedus!

Not so long ago, Reedus took to Instagram to show a short video with his little daughter whose name still is unknown. The baby enjoyed the time in the yard staying on a little trampoline.

The girl's face was not visible. Her parents did their best to hide her from fans' eyes. But they still managed to see her cuteness, as there were many comments about how cute, adorable and beautiful the baby was.

At the same time, Reedus and Kruger celebrated a real pandemic feast not so long ago. They visited a secret star party that took place in Los Angeles. It is not known where exactly the celebrities gathered. However, the actors arrived there with an impressive amount of alcoholic beverages.

And netizens were mad. The most censored thing they said about the stars violating the strict regime of self-isolation was «selfish people.»

As for us, we could understand them: the quarantine was getting boring and too long, so why can't one let a bit of joy come into life?