Ozzy Osbourne stars is a legendary show. Learn the details!
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Ozzy Osbourne stars is a legendary show. Learn the details!

By: Margaret Wilson
2020-10-31 01:39:55

Ozzy Osbourne has announced on his Instagram page that a new episode of his show is available already and can be watched online. The viewers are amazed with the show!

Ozzy Osbourne has been married with his wife, Sharon Osbourne for 42 years and has three children with her – Aimee, Jack and Kelly. Jack Osbourne has become a famous media personality. Kelly Osbourne is a singer and model. Aimee Osbourne is an actress now. Ozzy is known to have Parkinson's disease; however, he's still loved by his fans. The singer used to be the member of «Black Sabbath» Rock band periodically from 1968 to 2017. He has released 12 studio albums. Probable one of the most popular Ozzy's songs is «Crazy Train that belongs to the album «Blizzard of Ozz».

On his recent Instagram post, Ozzy Osbourne has informed his fans that his «Ozzy & Jack's World Detour» is already available for watching. The reality show comes in three seasons and is loved by the majority of Ozzy's fans. However, some people claim that the show is «shit».

The extraordinary musician who bit off the bat's head during the concert in far 1982, is presenting a beautiful collection of clothes such as T-shirts, shirts hoodies. The collection features inscription «Ozzy For President» on each of its items. You can visit Ozzy Osbourne store by following the site https://store.ozzy.com/collections/ozzy-for-president.