Ozzy Osbourne sells bats without heads. That's too cruel!
© Instagram / Ozzy Osbourne

Ozzy Osbourne sells bats without heads. That's too cruel!

By: Margaret Wilson
2021-01-22 00:26:15

Ozzy Osbourne's fans are shocked – the musician started selling bats! He seems to be truly fond of eating these poor animals.

Ozzy Osbourne started his music career as a vocalist in a rock band called «Black Sabbath». Ozzy was its member from 1968 until 1979, when the singer decided to start his solo career. In 2011, the band reunited to perform in several tours until 2017 and even released an album titled «13». Ozzy Osbourne has written hundreds of songs one of which received special popularity. «Crazy Train» saw the world in 1980 and entered album «Blizzard of Ozz». In 1982, Ozzy married his second wife, Sharon Osbourne, who gave birth to their three children. The couple still lives together.

These days, Ozzy Osbourne celebrates the 39th anniversary since he bit the head off a bat. To mark this event, the singer has released a collection of stuffed toy bats with detachable heads. The singer encourages his fans to celebrate the event with these commemorative plush toys. Some of Ozzy's fans are kidding that this event should be under Wikipedia's list of important dates! Many people would like to see Osbourne do it again on the 40th anniversary.

There is no doubt that Ozzy Osbourne will be a legend as a rock man for a long time! People love watching his concerts over and over again. Here is his live video shot in 1989. The singer is performing «Shot In The Dark».