Paris Hilton wants to freeze herself and live forever
© Instagram / Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton wants to freeze herself and live forever

By: Margaret Wilson
2020-03-24 18:22:22

The unexpected wish of Paris Hilton is hardly real in the near future. However, Kim Kardashian's colleague with great net worth has already boasted of success in gaining attractiveness and youth.

The topic of preserving beauty and youth has been more and more actual for Paris Hilton. But the celeb and the owner of the world famous surname is concerned about eternal themes.

Paris Hilton
© Instagram / Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton wants to live forever. The American actress, fashion model, singer, songwriter and designer hinted at that in one of her interviews.

The 39-year-old star admitted that she was concerned about topics of life and death, because she could not imagine what was happening to the person at the end of the journey of life.

And Paris intends to find the «elixir of eternal life.» So far, she has nothing to boast of in this direction, but Hilton is counting on advanced technology.

However, the actress already has something to be happy about. Paris stated that she had never used any cosmetic surgery. At the age of 39 the star feels she's 21 years old!

And the secret of her beauty is pretty simple. Hilton thanks her mom for a simple hint - to avoid the sun and ultraviolet radiation.

Probably that is the reason why Paris Hilton is considering the possibility of freezing herself. Perhaps that is why Paris Hilton became the owner of a Ukrainian resort in Transcarpathia?