Paris Hilton appeared topless: the magazine stunned everyone
© Instagram / Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton appeared topless: the magazine stunned everyone

By: Margaret Wilson
2020-04-09 20:18:15

39-year-old American celeb Paris Hilton took part in a photo shoot for a well-known magazine. She posed with her naked breasts and high shorts.

Actress, singer, model, designer, former heiress of the world's largest Hilton Hotels network, Paris Hilton appeared in a spicy photo of Rollacoaster magazine.

Paris Hilton
© Instagram / Paris Hilton

The 39-year-old star was posing on the lawn against the background of palm trees. The celebrity was posing topless, covering her breasts with her hand.

Hilton was wearing black floral print shorts, black tights and black long gloves.

According to Hilton's words, she used to wear clothes no one else wore. At the same time, she had no stylist and had to do everything herself. She also added she had always been ahead of her time. Paris called herself innovator as it was she who created an absolutely new genre for celebs.

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