Paris Hilton is celebrating an anniversary with her new boyfriend, Carter Reum
© Instagram / Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton is celebrating an anniversary with her new boyfriend, Carter Reum

By: Linda Davis
2020-04-30 14:40:59

Paris Hilton has got a new boyfriend, investor and tech startup entrepreneur, Carter Reum, 39. He's known to be Gwyneth Paltrow's friend. They have been dating for a year and now are celebrating an anniversary. Several years ago, Paris Hilton confessed that she's a tomboy at heart. She likes doing such boyish things as running at her ranch, going fishing, sky-diving and jumping out of planes. The celebrity can afford these hobbies with the net worth of $300 million dollars. By the way, Paris was an ice hockey player at high school.

At the age of 39, it's high time for Paris Hilton to think about creating a family and having children. However, she seems to enjoy her life as it is. She used to be best friends with actress Nicole Richie in the 2000-s. They even hosted the reality show «The Simple Life». Though they aren't as close as earlier, they consider themselves to be friends. It seems, actress Kim Kardashian has replaced Nicole, though.

Paris Hilton
© Instagram / Paris Hilton

In her fresh post on Instagram, Paris Hilton has shared a marvelous photo showing her kissing Carter Reum. Her caption to the pic reads: «Happy Anniversary my love. My favorite thing to do is make memories with you. Your kisses are magical. I love being yours and knowing you're mine».

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This is the first relationship of Paris Hilton since breaking with actor Chris Zylka in November 2018. Paris' followers are sure they will have gorgeous babies with Carter. The star looks like a Barbie herself.