Paris Jackson doesn't look like her father, Michael Jackson
© Instagram / Paris Jackson

Paris Jackson doesn't look like her father, Michael Jackson

By: Linda Davis
2020-05-09 16:08:53

Paris Jackson has become a famous model and actress; however, being the daughter of Michael Jackson, she has no similarities with him at all!

The celebrity was named after the capital of France where she was conceived. Her mother, Debbie Roweis, also gave birth to Paris' brother Michael Joseph Jackson, Jr. Her another brother, Prince Michael Jackson II, is officially just the son of Michael Jackson.

The problem is that Paris Jackson does not look like Michael Jackson. These are the photos of her father and brother, Prince Jackson. Both kids look more like their mother, Debbie Roweis. The photos were taken by photographer Jonathan Exley for «Vibe» Magazine at Neverland Ranch in 2001.

Paris Jackson got her prominence without the help of her famous dad. She can boast the net worth of $100 million dollars as of 2020. in this pic, Paris is in Melbourne in 2017. The star is wearing a nice long red dress and has got lots of bijouterie on her body. There is even a decoration on her head. The actress has got many tattoos too.