Did Post Malone take drugs? Footage doesn't lie!
© Instagram / Post Malone

Did Post Malone take drugs? Footage doesn't lie!

By: Margaret Wilson
2020-03-08 19:28:00

This week, Post Malone's fans expressed great concern about his health and suspected him to be on drugs. The singer really rolled around the stage during his concerts, but does it mean he takes something illegal?

The concerns became especially noticeable after Post Malone's show in Memphis on March 6, 2020.

Post Malone
© Instagram / Post Malone

While fans were sure about something bad, their idol urged them to keep down explaining he was doing nothing but fun. By the way, Malone's own photographer told the same. But would you believe that if you watched the videos?

Fans still urged to save the celeb until it's too late. They are sure they will have say RIP to Post soon.

At the same time, Post Malone has been performing his «Runaway Tour» which will end this summer. His album «Hollywood's Bleeding» became extremely successful and turned out to be even better than Drake's songs.

Do you believe Post Malone is on drugs? What can you say about his concerts?