Prince Charles thanked Margaret Payne for raising £390k for charity at the age of 90
© Instagram / Prince Charles

Prince Charles thanked Margaret Payne for raising £390k for charity at the age of 90

By: Margaret Wilson
2020-06-15 13:24:32

Prince Charles congratulated Margaret Payne on his Instagram. The 90-year old woman has raised £390k for charity by climbing the Highland mountain of Suilven.

Prince Charles is the eldest son of Queen Elizabeth II, which makes him the heir to the British throne. He was married to Diana, Princess of Wales from 1981 to 1996. In one of her interviews, Princess Diana declared that they had to divorce because her husband started dating Camilla whom he married in 2005. Prince Charles and Princes Diana have got two children - Prince William and Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex. Unfortunately, Diana was killed in the car crash in 1997.

On his Instagram page, Prince Charles has left an amazing message to Margaret Payne. He said he admires her incredible efforts to raise more than £390k for the NHS, Highland Hospice and the RNLI by climbing the height of the Highland mountain of Suilven on her stairs. Prince Charles' wife and he are sending their warmest congratulations on such a splendid achievement Margaret Payne has made.

The Prince of Wales has also sent his congratulations to Scotland's key workers who were of great help during the pandemic. Mrs Payne started her climb at Easter and has about thirty flights to go before reaching «the summit»! She was pleased with the Prince's letter saying she will treasure it always. It has encouraged her to reach the summit.