Queen's member, Roger Taylor, opened a secret that has been kept for years
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Queen's member, Roger Taylor, opened a secret that has been kept for years

By: Margaret Wilson
2020-10-08 00:55:06

Queen's soloist, Roger Taylor, has revealed the truth about the work in the band in his interview for 'Live Around The World'. Listen to the interview right now!

Queen was one of the most popular music bands in the USA and the world in the twentieth century. Unfortunately, its major member, Freddie Mercury, died prematurely of bronchopneumonia associated with AIDS in 1991. However, he had managed to present many valuable songs to the world including «Killer Queen», which he wrote in 1974. This musical ensemble will probably live in human hearts for many decades of years to come.

According to the official Instagram page of the band, the two members of Queen, Roger Taylor and Brian Harold May have given a marvelous interview these days. In the following video, they are answering the question, «What's better; walking onto the stage or walking off?». Roger Taylor says that he has the feeling of «exhausted relief» in the end and «the feeling of adrenalized expectation» in the beginning. For Adam Lambert, walking onto the stage is associated with adrenaline and anticipation, while walking off the stage brings him the feeling of victory and accomplishment.

You can watch the full interview for 'Live Around The World' with Roger Taylor, Brian May, and Adam Lambert by following the link below. There is much interesting to hear. For example, many people love the part of the interview where Brian May is talking about how close he was to death. His story will definitely make you tear up.