Why did R Kelly get scared and want home now? The real reason is here!
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Why did R Kelly get scared and want home now? The real reason is here!

By: Margaret Wilson
2020-04-11 13:19:18

The performer of the hit «I Believe I Can Fly» R Kelly asked law enforcement officers to transfer him to house arrest. The 53-year-old artist accused of sexual violence including urination, got really great fear!

R Kelly was scared he is to become infected with a coronavirus in jail. So, he demanded to transfer him from the detention center to house arrest, arguing that it was not safe to be there during the coronavirus pandemic. Well, well, smart enough, isn't it?

Law enforcement officials rejected Kelly's initial request last week, as the 53-year-old Grammy winner was not at risk. They also said that the recent surgery he had undergone didn't make him more susceptible to the virus. It was also reported that the singer was provided with a sufficient amount of soap and cleaning products.

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However, the musician insisted on the contrary and really was scared of becoming infected with COVID-19 from other prisoners with whom he may be in contact. But the officials claimed that according to tests, the Chicago jail, where the artist is currently located, has no confirmed cases of coronavirus infection.

Who would you believe in this situation? Is R Kelly right or wrong?