Rebel Wilson's new series will see the world tomorrow! Check it out!
© Instagram / Rebel Wilson

Rebel Wilson's new series will see the world tomorrow! Check it out!

By: Linda Davis
2020-06-18 19:53:41

Rebel Wilson has informed her followers on Instagram that her new series will be presented to the world this Friday. Don't miss it!

Recently, Rebel Wilson has shared a photo in which she looks very pretty in her blue dress. It seems that 18-kg weight loss has made her so much more beautiful. Her maximum weight was around 233 pounds, while her height is 1.59 m. The actress has revealed that some of her weight loss secrets include eating enough fiber and having natural fats in food.

Rebel Wilson
© Instagram / Rebel Wilson

Rebel Wilson has announced on her Instagram page that the series «Last One Laughing (LOL)» comes out tomorrow, Friday, June 19 on Amazon Prime Video. The star said that «the show features ten of Australia's funniest comedians in a bizarre experiment in my secret comedy bunker where the last one to not laugh takes home the cash». The series was made in November 2019 and will be loved by everyone who likes comedy. However, it is not for children. Only adults can watch it. Rebel Wilson's followers can't wait to watch this series.

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Rebel Wilson showed on her Twitter page how she spends time at home. In the photo, she is standing with the Opera house in the background. How slender she looks!