Rihanna left for Barbados.
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Rihanna left for Barbados.

By: Margaret Wilson
2019-12-03 20:57:17

Before starting again with her numerous affairs, the star decided to take a vacation.

Rihanna spent a lot of time creating her Fenta line of cosmetics and underwear. The star has not been recording new songs for a long time, but is engaged in a thriving business.

As befits a real business woman, RiRi knows when to relax. To this end, the singer decided to visit her homeland and shared an amazing photo on Instagram.

Rihanna really really needs a break. To this end, the star went to Barbados, where she came from. She spent Thanksgiving in the company of her relatives.

The celebrity shared a beautiful photo from her vacation, where she enjoyed the sunny weather and stunning views of St. Michael.

In the photo we see Rihanna, who is looking at the blue cloudy sky, part of her face is covered with dark hair. The brunette crossed her arms over her chest, touching the fingers of her neck. She was wearing a thin white blouse with a large neckline. All this gives romance in her image.