Rita Ora, English singer, enjoys London sun. What an amazing view!
© Instagram / Rita Ora

Rita Ora, English singer, enjoys London sun. What an amazing view!

By: Linda Davis
2020-05-03 00:17:04

Rita Ora has been close friends with singer Dua Lipa but they stopped talking after Dua took part in the marketing campaign for Adidas instead of Rita. Ora has collaborated with another British singer Jess Glynne and despite some conflicts they support a friendly relationship. If you are interested in the life and activity of Rita Ora, you can try to solve a crossword about the star on the Internet.

Liam Payne and Rita Ora's trek «For You» was used in the series «Fifty Shades of Gray». Rita Ora has collaborated with singer Iggy Azalea. As a result, they have created a wonderful song «Black Widow» the official music video of which can be seen on YouTube. Another great song by Rita Ora «Girls» was the result of her cooperation with Bebe Rexha, Cardi B, and Charli XCX.

In her fresh post on Instagram, Rita Ora has shared a few photos of her enjoying the sun. She is wearing yellow pants that make her look like the sun too! The view around the singer is unbelievably beautiful! Just take a look at how Rita is enjoying it!

However, after such a sunny weather it started raining. Rita Ora's caption to the pics reads, «When we were blessed with the sun before the LONDON rain came trickling down.»