Nudity and bad words: Rob Kardashian saved his daughter from Blac Chyna
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Nudity and bad words: Rob Kardashian saved his daughter from Blac Chyna

By: Margaret Wilson
2020-05-07 21:15:11

Rob Kardashian, usually hiding in the shadow of his famous sisters Kim Kardashian, Khloe Kardashian and Kourtney Kardasian, let alone his famous mother, made all the world's tabloids talk about him – and the reason is simple: Rob did his best to get custody of his daughter, Dream Renee.

Usually the Kardashian family tried not to take dirty linen out of the hut, but this time extremely unpleasant details about Dream's mother, the 31-year-old model Blac Chyna, became known. Rob believed that living in the same house with Chyna was unsafe for Dream.

From time to time, Blac Chyna brought strangers into the house, threw knives at people, and accepted illegal substances. According to eyewitnesses, the model spent about $ 600 a day.

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Rob claimed that Blac Chyna taught his little daughter to be naked, to imitate sexual poses and «enriched» her vocabulary with bad words.

The difficult romantic relationship between Rob and Blac Chyna started in 2016 and lasted a couple of months, after which the couple broke up. Blac Chyna announced her pregnancy after this. For a short time before the birth of the daughter, the couple reunited, but a month after Dream's birth, Rob and Blac Chyna broke up again.