Rob Lowe revealed the weirdest feature of Tom Cruise
© Instagram / Rob Lowe

Rob Lowe revealed the weirdest feature of Tom Cruise

By: Margaret Wilson
2020-04-28 22:36:57

56-year-old Rob Lowe who is happily married to Sheryl Berkoff decided to remember some time his colleague Tom Cruise used to be mean and didn't want to share a hotel room with him. By the way, this happened during the filming of «Outsiders.»

Rob Lowe shared some memories about the extremely long audition to «Outsiders», which was directed in 1983 by Francis Coppola. Tom Cruise and Lowe took part in this movie among other actors.

According to the star, it was a very exhausting process, because the actors first had to survive the auditions in Los Angeles. The next step was for the chosen ones, so Emilio, Cruise and Lowe left for New York to participate in another audition.

It turned out that Tom Cruise became furious after he had found out that they all had to share one hotel room. As for Lowe, Tom's reaction made him laugh and it was the first time he thought Tom would be a great actor!

What do you think about the story? Could you imagine Tom Cruise was so «ballistic?»