Roberto Carlos returned to great football again
© Instagram / Roberto Carlos

Roberto Carlos returned to great football again

By: Linda Davis
2020-01-22 12:22:59

Roberto Carlos has recently shared a photo on his Instagram page in which he is depicted with his great team of footballers.

In the picture Roberto’s team members are all wearing their uniform in the white and red colors. Everyone is very happy to be back; however, it was just a friendly match in which they certainly received the victory. The fans of Roberto Carlos send their congratulations to the team of veterans saying that they still love them.

It should be mentioned that Roberto Carlos is a Brazilian retired footballer. At present, he is a football ambassador for the Real Madrid team. Recently, Roberto Carlos has organised the second International Convention «Learning from the best» for more than 100 coaches all over the world. Its goal was to broaden their knowledge. The convention took place at Real Madrid City and finished on January 19th.

According to Roberto Carlos, coaches directly influence our society, which is why they often end up creating political parties, businesses, and major companies. As a real professional Roberto provides coaches with vital football technical and tactical methods, physical preparation basics, performance optimisation methodology, and educational strategy.