Rose McGowan invites everyone to “Planet 9. Learn the details!
© Instagram / Rose McGowan

Rose McGowan invites everyone to “Planet 9. Learn the details!

By: Linda Davis
2020-05-05 15:16:45

Rose McGowan is known for her role of Paige Matthews in the 2001–2006 fantasy drama series «Charmed» in all 112 episodes. She co-starred Alyssa Milano whom she called a «fraud» for supporting Joe Biden despite his numerous accusations of sexual assault. Even though Rose McGowan has always been a supporter of the Democratic Party, she has changed her opinion lately. Evan Rachel Wood backs the actress in her views.

McGowan was in a three-year relationship with Marilyn Manson and was married to Davey Detail for over two years. At present, McGowan is single and tries to enjoy her life as much as she can. Several years ago, the star confessed that she was raped by movie director Harvey Weinstein. Even though he didn't admit his guilt, he gave her 100 thousand dollars. The black comedy «Scream» actress did not return the money to the producer.

Rose McGowan
© Instagram / Rose McGowan

These days, Rose McGowan has left an interesting post on her Instagram page. She's painted in the picture sitting half naked in the surrounding of flowers. In her caption, the actress said: «This is where I live. You can come too. There is a better place. We can get there. It's called Planet 9.» «Planet 9» is a new album by Rose McGowan.

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If you want to listen to «Planet 9» pleasant treks, go to It's about traveling to other dimensions and relaxation. The healing music will lead you to a calm place. Those who have listened to it say it's very special.