Rose McGowan from the “Charmed” series: “There is no shame in being different”
© Instagram / Rose McGowan

Rose McGowan from the “Charmed” series: “There is no shame in being different”

By: Linda Davis
2020-05-20 19:06:03

Rose McGowan considers herself to be a different person since early childhood and here's why.

Rose McGowan was in a relationship with unusual famous singer Marilyn Manson for over three years before they split in 2001. She has lately had a tense relationship with her «Charmed» co-star Alyssa Milano, especially after the latter shared a video in which she explained why she supports Joe Biden. The «Me Too» activist recently revealed that Bill Maher boasted his huge genitals twenty years ago.

Rose McGowan
© Instagram / Rose McGowan

In her post on Instagram, Rose McGowan tells that she has been different since childhood. Her mother used to have a green Volkswagen and little Rose would hide in the back so no one would see her. Other mothers had white and beige cars at that period of time. Today, the actress is proud to have grown up differently. She does not feel shame in being different.

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In the following video on YouTube you can see how Rose McGowan accuses Alyssa Milano for «Me Too» Hypocrisy! It's obvious they will never be friends again. Who knows, though.