Ryan Gosling, the “Drive” star, can't hide himself from paparazzi!
© Instagram / Ryan Gosling

Ryan Gosling, the “Drive” star, can't hide himself from paparazzi!

By: Linda Davis
2020-05-10 22:38:43

Ryan Gosling is obviously tired of paparazzi following him everywhere, since he starts acting the ape! Check out the photos!

Ryan Gosling was dating his «The Notebook» co-star Rachel McAdams in 2004 but their relationship did not lead to the creation of a family. Instead, he married Eva Mendes in 2011 and has got two nice daughters with his wife.

Ryan Gosling
© Instagram / Ryan Gosling

Ryan Gosling is often confused with another actor, Ryan Reynolds, who beside the same name, has much in common with Gosling. He looks very similar to Gosling and stars in action movies too. Reynolds is better known for his role in «Deadpool».

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Paparazzi do not allow Ryan Gosling even to eat peacefully. Recently, the pics of him eating appeared on Instagram. The actor is sitting at a table and eating alone. As he notices paparazzi he starts acting the ape. Lol!

Ryan Gosling has starred in many cool movies. One of them is the action film «Drive». It's high time to watch it in this time!