Ryan Reynolds finds difficulties in Mint Mobile
© Instagram / Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds finds difficulties in Mint Mobile

By: Linda Davis
2020-01-02 15:27:57

The 43-year-old actor explained why he had become the co-owner of Mint Mobile.

As we know, Ryan Reynolds became a co-owner of Mint Mobile and will help the company with communications, marketing and decision-making. According to sources, he now owns more than 25% of the operator.

Ryan Reynolds
© Instagram / Ryan Reynolds

But recently, Ryan took to Instagram to share a photo of himself and some ideas about his new business. Here, he’s laying on the couch dressed in a blue shirt and jeans and keeping a phone in his hand. As the celeb noted in the post, he had become «a @mintmobile owner because paying more than 15 bucks a month for wireless seemed crazy».

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«Not matching green shirt and couch crazy, but damn close. (Teal? Turquoise? The hell is that color?),» he added. And his followers found this «so damn inspiring» and declared him of their love again and again.