Sam Heughan and Katrina Balfe in Outlander Season 6 Coming Soon
© Instagram / Sam Heughan

Sam Heughan and Katrina Balfe in Outlander Season 6 Coming Soon

By: Margaret Wilson
2021-02-15 00:05:30

Matthew B. Roberts says that because of the pandemic, everyone involved in the project has to do «a million times» tests for covid.

Outlander producer Matthew B. Roberts has good news for fans: work is already underway on the sixth season of the project. In an interview with Elle magazine, Matthew said that filming for the new season was planned immediately after the completion of the fifth.

«We wanted to continue at the same pace. The actors, the crew and even the fans really wanted to dive into the sixth season, but then we hit the brakes, «said the producer. The reason was, of course, the covid. «We didn't want to adjust the story to the pandemic. We have a lot of intimate scenes where people are alive and breathing. And what is the way out of this? Tests, tests, tests.

We had to figure out how to test everyone a million times before they hit the site. It was necessary that everything was extremely safe. This is our main goal: to make people feel comfortable on set, «Roberts said.

According to him, this time the stars of the series, Katrina Balfe and Sam Heughan, will also act as its producers. «They have taken up the challenge, they want to try themselves as producers, to find out what it is like. Balfe and Heughan need to expand their role in the industry so that when Outlander ends, they can do their own projects. There are no boundaries for them, they are both incredibly talented, «summed up the producer of the show.