Oscar-winning Sandra Bullock donated 6,000 masks for doctors
© Instagram / Sandra Bullock

Oscar-winning Sandra Bullock donated 6,000 masks for doctors

By: Margaret Wilson
2020-04-19 19:15:20

Hollywood stars have been taking part in the global fight against coronavirus. Some help with food and protective equipment and others provide financial support. So, the star of «The Proposal» and «Miss Congeniality» Sandra Bullock donated face masks for medical workers.

The USA has become the epicenter of the outbreak of coronavirus, which affects more than half a million people. Doctors and medical workers who counteract the spread of the virus every day and save the lives of sick patients are critically short of adequate protection.

So many American actors like Sandra Bullock and Matthew McConaughey decided to help the healthcare system on their own.

The Oscar-winning star's boyfriend Brian Randall took to Instagram to reveal that his family donated 6,000 masks for one of the children's hospitals in Los Angeles. He assured that this initiative belonged to the children of Sandra Bullock. The kids even attached their drawings with the words «Thank you» to the boxes.

And the 50-year-old Matthew McConaughey and his wife Camilla donated 80,000 masks for medical workers. This info became known from Instagram. The masks were sent to doctors, firefighters and police in 15 states.