Look at her! The appearance of Selma Blair changed a lot again
© Instagram / Selma Blair

Look at her! The appearance of Selma Blair changed a lot again

By: Margaret Wilson
2020-03-03 19:08:59

The appearance of Hollywood actress Selma Blair, 47, has changed drastically again. Two years ago, the actress admitted she was sick with multiple sclerosis – let's know how it impacted her life!

Selma recently faced paparazzi's cameras in Los Angeles, where she was spending time with her friend. According to the pics, the actress was in a very good mood, and also welcomed the paparazzi with a smile. And oh, that smile!

Selma Blair
© Instagram / Selma Blair

In addition, Selma's new hairstyle caught everyone's attention. Now, she got gray hair and a short haircut. Blair had previously commented on his changes in appearance saying that the loss of hair on her head didn't bother her at all, only if the hair on her eyebrows would be okay.

It seems that the actress's health has improved slightly. Last year, Selma walked with a cane, but fresh photographs show that she can cope without it.

Selma also stated that, in fact, the symptoms of the disease had been manifesting for 15 years.

Selma Blair starred in such famous films as «Hellboy», «Legally Blonde» and «Cruel Intentions». The actress has 8-year-old son Arthur Saint Blake who she shares with fashion designer Jason Blake.