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Selma Blair revealed her main goal in life with MS
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Selma Blair revealed her main goal in life with MS

News author: Margaret Wilson
2020-03-07 16:41:00

47-year-old Selma Blair, who was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis a year ago, told how it felt to live with a chronic neurological MS, not knowing what to expect from her mind and body. The disease is accompanied by impaired memory, panic attacks, weakness in legs – but how does her son feel about that?

The star admitted that she honestly told her eight-year-old son Arthur (his father is Jason Blake, whom Blair met in 2010-2012) about her health. And just see, what this adorable boy told his mom!

According to Selma, he had to endure a lot and saw so much including the actress' falling from the stairs or running to the bathroom when she was feeling bad. But Arthur didn't consider her illness from a negative point of view. He always says that mom's not sick and can handle it.

Salma admitted that she was surprised to learn that Arthur liked it when she picked him up from school. Blair says she is not shy about explaining to the children why she walks or talks in a «funny» way.

«I live for my son, he is the best motivation for me,» Blair once said. Do you agree with her words? Would you tell the kids about your sickness if you had any? Don't forget to share your opinion!