Selma Blair paid tribute to her first person who died these days
© Instagram / Selma Blair

Selma Blair paid tribute to her first person who died these days

By: Linda Davis
2020-05-28 15:45:00

Selma Blair is sorry to announce on her Instagram page that her mother is not with us any longer.

Probably everyone remembers Selma Blair in her role of Cecile Caldwell in the 1999 romance drama «Cruel Intentions» but in reality she has starred in many other films and series. Despite her diagnosis, her boyfriend Ron Carlson did not leave Selma Blair. The matter is that the actress was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis almost two years ago. She went to a doctor with the symptoms of a pinched nerve.

Selma Blair
© Instagram / Selma Blair

Recently, Selma Blair's mother passed away, according to her post on Instagram. She calls Molly Cooke her first person and feels grateful for the heart that still beats inside her body. She was a «formidable, funny, quick, striking and generous» person. She often helped her and was a just judge. And , now, it is a very queer feeling to soften my gaze. Molly Cooke had many friends and admirers, cousins, nieces, a sister, a son in law, children and grandchildren.

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Selma Blair expressed her surprise that «such a great publication as «O The Oprah Magazine» shows a powerful women-centered company about change and generosity of spirit and wisdom and great success and innovation! And dumbs it down to little girls called «moneyhoneys».