Sharon Tate a victim of maddened cultists
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Sharon Tate a victim of maddened cultists

By: Margaret Wilson
2021-02-09 21:43:50

In the sixties of the last century, the actress Sharon Tate was at the height of her fame. The directors fought among themselves to get her in their films, the producers offered any money for signing the contract.

Her career in Hollywood developed rapidly. «Valley of the Dolls», «Eye of the Devil», «Ball of Vampires», «Team of Destroyers», «One of Thirteen» - these and other films with her participation went with a bang.

Curiously, in the Soviet Union about Sharon Tate, despite her star status, they practically did not hear anything. It was only much later that her name and her tragic fate were first heard in Russia, when the magnificent Quentin Tarantino shot the film Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.

In it, the director told the world about how she lived and how the sixties star Sharon Tate died. By the way, if anyone does not know, the main role in the film was played by the actress Margot Robbie.

Many did not like the too loose interpretation of the tragic story of Sharon Thane. Still, it was a movie, and a movie, I must say good.

And to show on the screens really what happened on the day of the death of the actress on August 8, 1969, even for people with an iron psyche, it would be hard to watch.

That evening, Sharon Tate was resting with friends in her house, when a group of armed men burst into it and massacred everyone who caught their eye. Someone was shot, someone was slashed with a knife, and someone was strangled.

Already wounded with a knife, Sharon begged the killers not to ruin the life of her and her unborn child. The actress was pregnant by her husband, director Roman Polanski. But the uninvited guests were unforgiving. Sharon Thane lived only 26 years in the world.

Actors are often removed from scenes with violent crimes. But some of them had to face a real killer and die in their prime.

On the eve of the start of filming in the movie «Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince» Robert died. He died absurdly, terribly. It happened at the end of May 2008. The actor's brother persuaded to go with him to spend time in a bar, and there he grappled with some drunken bully.

Actress Adrienne Shelley rose to fame for her roles in films such as The Waitress, Trust and The Incredible Truth.

On January 1, 2008, the actress's husband returned home and saw his wife in a noose. Shelley was hanging in the bathroom, and no visible foreign traces were found in the apartment.

As a result, the grief-stricken widower actually forced law enforcement officers to conduct a more thorough investigation. It was it that revealed that Adrienne Shelley was first strangled, and only then the body was hung in the bathroom, simulating suicide.