Shawn Mendes trolled kissing Camila Cabello's feet online
© Instagram / Shawn Mendes

Shawn Mendes trolled kissing Camila Cabello's feet online

By: Margaret Wilson
2021-02-18 18:03:36

The musician showed how comfortable he is with his beloved, but to some it reminded him of a foot fetish.

On Valentine's Day, Shawn Mendes once again showed how much he loves Camila Cabello and published a romantic, in his opinion, photo with his beloved. However, for some of Sean's subscribers, this shot caused discomfort.

Shawn Mendes
© Instagram / Shawn Mendes

The musician posted a photo with Camila kissing her toes. «I kiss your feet because I love you,» - signed the frame Sean.

It reminded some of the users a foot fetish, others just found this shot too personal. In general, Mendes received a generous portion of criticism in the comments.

«Sean is cute, you could have posted any other photo. I just hate foot pictures! «,» What the hell? «,» You probably posted this by accident? It's not too late to delete! «,» It's kind of strange. Well, okay «,» I thought you were a vegan «,» Get her leg off her face, Sean «, - responded subscribers.

But there were also loyal fans of Sean and Camila, who supported the publication and extolled the couple's relationship.

«If a guy doesn't kiss your feet -» thanks, next one «,» How he loves you, Kamila «,» They just have such a level of comfort with each other that such things are absolutely normal for them, «the fans noted.

Mendes has repeatedly said in an interview that he considers Camila his true love, and admitted that all his songs are dedicated to his beloved. The couple have been communicating for more than five years, but the romantic relationship between them began in 2019. According to Sean, his father already calls Camila his daughter-in-law. Mendes also became close to Cabello's parents, spending most of the quarantine at her family's home.